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Equineternal has accepted more than 500 exchange students from Japan for the past 25 years. We have focused on creating an environment for students to become an internationally-orientated person and experiencing advanced equestrian. We have achieved this by enabling students to spend their days with Australians who enjoy the presence of the Japanese and living in an English-speaking country.

Students may have felt hesitant at first in response to the differences in how horses were handled and matters were approached compared to Japan, but understanding those reasons will enable you to make appropriate decisions in any environment. 

There are students who not only ride horses, but strive to become professional groomers. 

I will continue focus in developing human resources with a high level of knowledge and on creating an environment where Australians can work in Japan. 


Due to various problems, it is not easy for the Japanese to participate in competitions abroad. At Equineternal, we provide access to horses suited for each level starting with lease horse, to enable competitors to increase their chances of competing in Dressage and Show jumping.

It is not only about winning the competitions; we provide various experiences and guidances in an environment completely different to that of Japan.



You will be aware of new possibilities by experiencing the fundamental basics to a more specialised field in this country for horses, such as, 

the handling of horses, the horses original characteristics, management, rearing, and grooming.

In Australia, there are countless jobs alone for horses, with experts in each field. 

After consulting in advance the programs best suited to your goals, we will decide on the details for your studies abroad. We would be pleased to aid you in making our stay here as meaningful as possible. 

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Living abroad means learning about a foreign culture, and having many encounters through a wide range of exchanges. Of course, you can learn English. You will make many new friends. As your perspectives broaden internationally, we hope that you will do your best in gaining strength to become the person you want to be. 

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